Maria Ceselma B. Parong

The Municipal Treasurer’s Office is headed by the Municipal Treasurer. It is complimented with sixteen (16) permanent personnel with 3 vacant position as of December, 2016, with 3 detailed personnel and 7 job orders.

The office as the financial arm of the Municipal Government takes custody and exercises proper management of all funds. It performs multi-functions which includes among others, collection of taxes, fees and charges in accordance with the Municipal Revenue Code of 2011 and other pertinent revenue measures / laws.

It maintains and updates tax records of registered tax payers and prepares reports needed by authorities concerned. It also inspects private commercial and industrial establishments in relation to the implementation of tax ordinances.

Foremost, the office aims to increase collection of revenues over the total estimated income for the budget year. Thus, strives to improve the tax information system of the Municipality and recommends measures to enhance revenue collections.

The office also takes charge in the disbursement of municipal funds and such other funds the custody of which may be entrusted to the office by law or other authority.

It further provides fiscal advice to the Municipal Mayor, Sangguniang Bayan Members, municipal, barangay and national officials concerned regarding the disposition of municipal funds and other matters related to public finance.