Eng. Manolito B. Lumidao

The Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar as a frontline services provider in coordination of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) as primary statistical arm,aims to provide timely,accurate and reliable information as bases for plans,policies and decisions and as an inputs to academic pursuits,researches and development projects and to establish and preserve the basis for the legal status of Filipinos through the efficient use of its human and non-human resources in the scientific conduct of censuses and surveys,processing and administrative reports and full implementation of an effective system of Civil registration.This office embarked on the computerization of the storage and retrieval processes of civil registry documents through the Philippine Civil Registration Information System (PhilCris).Developing an application systems from paper and microfilm formats to a digital format.

Civil Registration is one of the oldest government services.Since we value of documenting our Births,Marriages and Deaths and other documents pertaining to the status of a person/s we are committed to secure and protect the civil registry documents of its individual.Because our vision is that to have our municipality a “Friendly City and Center of Quality Education with Vibrant Economy,Safe and Healthy Environment Empowered Through Selfless Service”. We have been working very hard the implementation of the compulsory and mandatory registration of all person born in this locality.Our main objective is to simplify,innovate,professionalize and modernize civil registration.We continue to formulate strategies and programs for good governance and high performance that will serve as our guideposts in the implementation of civil registry laws,rules and regulations.We have been going to the grassroots level to cater, bring closer and make accessible to the people all aspects of civil registry services.



1.TIMELY REGISTRATION OF BIRTH-Register the birth of a child born in the municipality within 30 days from time of birth.

2.DELAYED REGISTRATION OF BIRTH- Register the birth of the child born in the municipality after the 30 days from time of birth.(Negative registration from Philippine Statistics Authority and Municipal Civil Registry Office)

3.LEGITIMATION-If the parents of a child were not yet married at the time the child was conceived/born and the parents subsequently get married,the child becomes legitimated by legal fiction.Provided,that the parents were free to marry and that there were no legal impediments to contract marriage at the time that the child was conceived/born.

4.FOUNDLING-Register the child as a foundling if the child being registered has no known facts of birth.

-Register the child under the Rules on Birth Registration,if the child is declared as abandoned but chil’s fact of birth and parentage are known.

5.USING THE SURNAME OF FATHER-Register the child by Republic Act. 9255.

Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father.(AUSF)


1.TIMELY REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGE-The Certificate of Marriage must be registered in the Municipal Civil Registry Office of the municipality where the marriage was solemnized within fifteen (15) days,for marriage with license and thirty (30) days of exceptional character from the date of solemnization.


1.TIMELY REGISTRATION OF DEATH-The Certificate of Death must be registered within thirty (30) days reglementary perion in the civil registry office of the place where the death occurred.