Socio-Economic Profile

Bayombong is one of the biggest towns of the province that is most compact in terms of population and attractively situated amidst surrounding mountain ranges. It welcomes visitors with its colorful history, distinctively oriental cultural heritage and splendid panorama of natural environment. It enjoys a tropical climate with relatively high humidity, mild temperature, abundant rainfall, brilliant sunlight and gentle winds.

Bayombong, a first class municipality of the Provincial Capital of Nueva Vizcaya. It is the center of government institutions where most government buildings and offices, national and provincial, as well as major educational institutions are located. With the above circumstances, migrants flock the area for education and employment, in private and in government offices.

Bayombong is identified as the growth center of the province. It serves as a linkage to development effort and endeavor between the province of Nueva Vizcaya and the regional center. Development programs, projects and plans of and for the municipality are pursued by the ambitious and development goal-oriented municipal leaders of Bayombong.

The municipality’s economy lies heavily on agriculture. It is the primary source of livelihood of the people. About 5,138 has. (33.18%) of the land area is devoted to agriculture wherein the primary crop planted is palay, while the secondary crops are corn and root crops.