Social Welfare

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    The Municipal Social Welfare Office is one of the arm of the local government unit to deliver the basic social services to its constituents and its mandate is to provide social protection and to promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals , families and communities. Such programs and services are geared towards the alleviation of the living condition of the disadvantaged sector of the society. Disadvantaged sectors, which include Family Head and Other Needy Adult, Potentially Neglected Children, which includes Day Care Children, Physically, and emotionally Neglected Children, which include children who are being abused, maltreated and exploited and out of school youth. Women who are physically, sexually and psychologically harmed due to economic abuse.Solo parent who are left alone due to death of husband, abandonment of spouse for at least one year.Disabled persons and elderlies and likewise victims of natural and manmade calamities. In partnership with the DSWD, our mother agency has downloaded programs,  the so called social protection  or the Big Ticket programs  on Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program, Indigenous People , Bottom Up Budgeting, Supplemental feeding and Social pension are being downloaded to the LGU. Among this target sector program package of social services are extended in order to contribute to poverty alleviation and to empower families and communities improved their quality of life.


    There are 6 direct service workers, 1 MSWDO, 1 Social Welfare officer I, 1 Administrative Assistant V, 1 Social Welfare Assistant and 1 detailed employee at the office. There are 5 Job orders assigned in the office. A Social Worker assigned in the area to handle the MCCT for Indigenous People, a Municipal Link assigned for Pantawid Pamilya Program manning the office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development  and the Population Program as follows:

    1. WILMA S. ESTILONG   -Municipal Social Welfare & Development Officer
    2. JEDIDIAH MICAH D. AQUINO – Social Welfare Officer I
    3. GENEROSA M. TOBIAS – Administrative Assistant V(Retired)
    4. AGNES G. MANIQUIZ -Detailed employee at the office
    5. KRISTIAN JAY BARIUAN -Municipal Link
    6. JANE BULIGON -Community Facilitator in charge of the IP Program
    7. ESTHER TESSA H. WAYAS -Job Order
    8. ALMA M. RAMONES -Job Order
    9. GINA FLOR O. BALIDO    -Job Order
    10. PAMELA R. BASILIO -Job Order
    11. MARIBETH P. GUILLERMO – Job Order(Transferred to MPDC)

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    Performance Analysis









    Family & Community Welfare 600 600 PES














    615 Mothers/caregiver/others

    723 4P’s

    24 barangays

    547 IP’s

    10 GIDA(Geographically isolated depressed barangay)

    1350  mothers attended

    112 would be couples attended

    667 families w/livelihood trainings and projects

    Idol kongPamilya/25 couples

    KALIPI-5 groups

    300- LGU enrolled

    ____  persons

    Family Case Work for Solo Parent 59 given ID’s Solo Parent issued and counseled
    Referral Services Referrals – 240

    134 certification of indigency issued

    121 – Social case study issued







    Day Care Service


    32 DCC operational

    1065 Day care children served

    -53 underweight

    -5 severely underweight


    170 SNP

    –          73 underweight

    –          18severely underweight

    Special Cases/Protective Child Placement After Care Services


    Case conference of CN SP cases

    Referral services CNSP/CICL Medico Legal Temporary Shelter Provision of Food/ Basic Needs

    Referral to the RSCC

    Facilitate in the transfer of custody




    =Alleged Rape Victim – 8

    =transfer of custody – 17

    =Alleged for Robbery-2

    =Acts of Lascivousness-1

    =Stow away- 7

    =Petty theft-7

    =Child abuse-4


    YOUTH WELFARE 200 230 Organized/strengthen PYA organization




    Provision of food

    Basic Needs


    16 barangays/172 youth



    =Alleged Rape- 3

    =Petty theft-7

    =Physically abused – 1

    = Malicious Mischief-8

    = Violation of R.A 9165  – 2

    =Alleged Robbery-2

    =Frustrated Homicide-1


    =Administered discernment- 25

    CICL served at the institution RRCY – 2

    WOMEN’S WELFARE 200 250 Strengthened KALIPI


    Assisted and counseled



    25 groups with 375members organized

    = 20 VAWC

    =25 Idol kongPamilya

    =120 KALIPI  Members


    DISABLED 200 214 Strengthened PWD organization


    Issuance of PWD ID/Booklets



    756 PWD members organized


    # 325 PWD issued IDs

    325 Booklets


    ELDERLY 500 2,458 Social Pensioners # 2,458 SC benefitted
    DISASTER MANAGEMENT Emergency Shelter Assistance


    Food assistance



    Cash For work




    Seminar in ________


    _____ given ESA



    75 families given family packs.

    200 families


    986 4P’s and Non 4P’s participated in the CCAM Program and were  given cash incentives.


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    Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program


      This is a Poverty Alleviation project of the DSWD, which was downloaded to the Local Social Welfare that focuses on investing in human capital specifically in Education and Health and Nutrition. This program provides cash conditional grants to identified 730 program poor families of the municipality through a proxy means test which determines the socio-economic category of families wherein a household with three qualified children receives a subsidy of P1,400.00/month during the school year or P15,000.00 annually as long as they comply with the conditions. As per case management . As to the status of their level of well-being, out of the 734 beneficiaries, 24 has moved to level 3-self-sufficiency, the 680 have moved to level 2-subsistence and the remaining 30 beneficiaries is still in level 1-survival.

      With the program on the MCCT for Indigenous People. A community facilitator was assigned in the office in charge of the MCCT-IP IN GIDA with 667 beneficiaries who received their cash grant amounting to P11,221,625.00 . This program focuses on the indigenous people geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas for the modified conditional cash transfer covering 13 barangays in the municipality . The tribal classifications are the following: Ayangan/Gaddang/Kalanguya/Tuwali. The beneficiaries were attended skills training on Goat Rearing, Chicken Production , Cattle Fattening, Pinakbet Farming, Security Services, Nail Care Services and etc.

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    Sustainable Livelihood Program

    In collaboration with DSWD, a livelihood program was provided to the 4 P’s Beneficiaries together with the Indigenous Peoples. This livelihood projects gives an opportunity to the marginalized people to have a jobs and works for the improvement of their lives. Two tracks of this project are the following: Micro Enterprise Track and the Employment Facilitation Track. In Micro Enterprise tracks, there were 30 participants that were provided Seed Capital Fund for Cassava Production given Php 10,000 per pax. While in the Employment Facilitation Track, 12 participants graduated from training skills on Housekeeping NCII at PLT College and 3 participants graduated from skill training on Shielded Metal Arc Welding NCII and provided with jobs at CVMSI, Solano, NuevaVizcaya.

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     The program on health care agenda recognizes the need to protect and advance public health as a cornerstone of governance. The government health agenda recognizes the priority to ensure that poor shall have an access to universal health care. A total of 726 recipient of the 4P’s program were accorded with health coverage and they were given Family health cards and Members data Record. The municipal gov’t.enrolled 300 families who were given Philhealth cards.


     There were 112 would-be-couples that were given information and awareness sessions to guide them in contemplating marriage to arrive at informed decision about readiness for conjugal family life.


    Day Care Service Parents Group for mothers of Day Cay Children was organized and NPEA for Supplemental Feeding to beneficiaries. A total of 615 mothers attended the session of this service of which parents and other care givers were provided and extended the knowledge, attitudes and skills on ECCD, health care, behavior management, husband and wife relationships and parenting rights and duties.


     We were able to serve 326 clients who have undergone series of activities of married women or reproductive age to appreciate the values of child spacing and planned family size and to adopt family planning methods in accordance to religious belief and health.


     We were able to serve 59 solo parents who have undergone series of activities geared towards the enhancement of their social functioning through the resolution of difficulties brought about the stress of a loss or absence of a spouse, financial responsibilities and social pressure. Solo parent ID are given to woman who gives birth as a result of rape victims provided she keeps the child. Parent left solo or alone due to death of spouse. Left solo while spouse is detained for at least one year. Left solo due to physical and/or mental incapacity of spouse as certified by a public medical petitioner.Due to abandonment of the spouse of at least one year.Unmarried mother/father keeping or rearing his/her children. Any person who solely provides parental care and support to children provided duly licensed as a foster parent. And any member who assumes the responsibility of head as a result of the death, abandonment. Disappearance or prolonged absence of the parents. We were able to issue 59 Solo Parent ID.


     There were 240 clients referred to other agencies appropriate for their needs. There were 134 clients given Certificate of Indigency and 121 clients were given Social Case Study Report.



    At present there are 32 Day Care Centers catering to 1065 potentially neglected children during part of the day when parents cannot attend to their needs. These 1065 children are given supplemental feeding inside the Day Care Centers. After 6 months of the implementation of the feeding program, there were only 53 underweight children and 5 severely underweight. Under the SFP , with 170 beneficiaries, 10% increase in weight.


    Special Social Services to provide interventions and opportunities to children who are victims of abuse and exploitations and to enable them to return to normal functioning. Intensive family counseling and follow up visits were extended to this families we were able to serve:

    CHILDREN:                                     OFFICE INTERVENTION

    8 Alleged Rape                         -Facilitate/referral for police blotter/ Medico legal and follow up/home visit and conducted family counseling.

    17 Child Custody                     -Turn over to parents and family counseling

    7  Delinquent Children/

    Petty theft                             -Turn over to parents and family counseling

    1  Acts of Lasciviousness         -Turn over to parents and family counseling

    2 Alleged Robbery                   -Turn over to parents and family counseling

    7 Stow away                             -Turn over to parents and family counseling


    4 Child abused                         -Counseling/Follow and home visits

    1 Physically Abused                 -Turned over to parents and counseling

    6 Delinquent Youth                  -Turned over to parents/Family Counseling

    8 Malicious Mischief                – Conducted Assessment of Discernment

    1 Gambling                               – Turned over to Parents and conducted Counseling

    7 Theft                                      -Conducted Assessment of discernment

    2 Alleged Robbery                   – Conducted Assessment of Discernment

    2 Violated R.A 9165                – Conducted Assessment of Discernment

    2 Alleged for Car napping        – Conducted Assessment of Discernment

    1 Frustrated Homicide             – Conduct Assessment of Discernment

    [With Court Order]

    2 youth were transported to the Regional Rehabilitation Center for Youth at Enrile, Cagayan in coordination with the provincial jail and with court order.

    3 children were referred at Regional Haven for Women and Girls and at the Reception and Study Center for Children, Solana, Cagayan for safe-keeping.

    Special social services were extended to youth with special needs to provide interventions and opportunities who are victims of abused and exploitation to enable them to return to normal functioning.


    There were 59 PWD’s who were given ID cards through on line so that they could avail of the privileges being accorded to them. Strengthening of the PWD organization in the municipality. 20 Barangays have elected their officers and being federated in the municipality. The federation of PWD’s in the municipality has been inducted. The association is now registered with the DOLE and have already drafted their constitution and By Laws. A General Assembly meeting was conducted and almost 250 PWD attended including the children in the SPED.The association was attended in the celebration of 39th National Disability and Prevention Week with the theme “Karapatan Pribelehiyo ng May Kapansanan: Isakatuparan at Ipaglaban”, which focuses on the realization of the fundamental freedoms and rights of persons with disabilities as provided for in existing international mandates and national laws. There was a contest of PWD Got Talent conducted at Capitol Compound and NVSU Gymnasium. On December 2017, the LGU conducted a Christmas Program for the Persons with Disabilities, there were 756 PWDs attended on the said program.

    There were 2458 elderlies who were given their monthly financial assistance from the program on social pension. A monthly financial assistance in the amount of P500.00 as their social pension amounting to P14,748,000.00 which was being downloaded from the national government. There were 113 replacement due to the following reasons: deceased, waived, receiving support from families, transfer and inactive. In celebration of the Elderly Filipino week , there was a “Search for Ganda Lola and Pogi  Lolo”. And on December 2017, the LGU conducted a Christmas Program for the Elderlies . There were 956 elderlies attended on the said celebration and given gifts like pale, hanger, etc.


    Strengthening of the KALIPI organization in the municipality. 25 Barangays have been organized and elected their officers and being federated in the municipality. The federation of PWD’s in the municipality has been inducted. A General Assembly meeting was conducted and almost 325 KALIPI members attended .

     Special cases on women especially difficult circumstances were catered and extended social services and their psycho needs to 20 physically battered women and they were extended referrals   to other agencies and have undergone extensive counseling.


                 Disaster Management Interventions

    The victims who were in crisis situation needing intervention under the emergency program on:

    1. Food assistance – 275 families were given food assistance coming from the stockpile of the office during the onset rainy season and flooding.
    2. Cash for Work – A total of 986 4p’s and non-4P’s were participated in the program. A member of the family employed to the community development project to be initiated and in doing such these families are participating the climate change adaptation program.
    3. Aid to individual in crisis situation were extended to ___ persons.
    4. Emergency Shelter Assistance-
    5. Seminar on



    The celebration of 39th National Disability and Prevention Week with the theme “Karapatan Pribelehiyo ng May Kapansanan: Isakatuparan at Ipaglaban”, which focuses on the realization of the fundamental freedoms and rights of persons with disabilities as provided for in existing international mandates and national laws. The PWDs in the municipality joined in the PARALYMPICS. One of the highlight of the said celebration is the PWD Got Talent conducted at Capitol Compound and in NVSU Gymnasium.


    The month of November as declared by the former president signed RA 10661. The said law changed the month of the celebration to November as the National Childrens Month. The LGU of Bayombong thru the Municipal social welfare Office joins in the nationwide month long to recognize the vital role of the Filipino children in nation building. The theme for this year is “Bata, Iligtas sa Droga” . This theme which was approved by the CWC Board is in supportto the administration’s fighting against illegal drugs .Such series of activities are designed to stimulate the intellectual , physical and creative capacities of the children and other activities are the following:

    1. Search for Munting Mutya 2017
    2. Search for Young Officials in the Municipality

    -where different young officials in the different schools were enacted as Young Mayor, Young Vice Mayor, Etc.

    1. Mass Induction of DCPG Comittee
    2. Sportfest



    A  total of 16 barangys  with 172 youth  were organized and formed into a PYA association and that they could avail of the youth programs and services of the office. 12 youth were joined during the Youth Camp for the association of PYA. Different activities were conducted on the said program.


    A total of 300  were enrolled on the program    they were accorded with health coverage and  were given Family health Cards and Members data Record . The municipal gov’t  enrolled  300  families and  were given Phil health card and 734 in the 4P’s programs.


                 In line with the celebration of the Elderly week celebration, a “Search for Lola Ganda and Pogi Lolo” was conducted. The winner in the Municipal search vie for the Provincial search.


    The milestone achieved for the period of 2017 manifests among partner agencies and civil society organizations in the implementation of the program components of Philippines Population Management Program (PPMP) namely: Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP) Program. Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program (AHYDP)  Population and Development Integration Program and Gender and Development Program.

    It showed that in addressing Population issues, particularly teenage pregnancy, the implementation of AHYD activities like symposium, Peer Education among student leaders and adolescents was conducted.

    Orientation of Pre-Marriage to would be couple ages 18-24 is also implemented.

    There was a continuous session of Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning (RPFP) among 4P’s and non 4P’s members.With the strong partnership, will continue to address of remaining population-related issues in the municipality for healthy and empowered families.


                                 On December 13, 2017, the LGU-Bayombong through the Municipal Social

    Welfare and Development conducted a gift giving for the children in the 25

    barangays of the Municipality. The said program was in line with the Month long Celebration of Christmas Season.           

    2. Establishment of a PINK ROOM that will serve as a One stop Shop in helping Children , Youth and Women in especially Difficult Circumstances.
    3. Capability building for direct service workers in attendance to trainings, convention, forum and other activities.
    4. Strengthening/funding and implementation of the LCPC in the municipality and in the barangays.
    5. Strengthening the organization of the different council on Disability Affairs, Elderly Affairs and Trafficking and VAWC Council.
    6. Continuing implementation of community based programs and projects on:
    7. Social pensions to elderlies
    8. Supplemental feeding to Day Care Children in the barangays
    • Protective services for individual families in especially difficult circumstances, PWD’s,Women and Elderlies and disaster management.

    6.Strengthen the Population program and conduct capability training to the

    PMC counsellors.

    1.    Intensify the AICS management in the office.
    2.      Intensify the GAD program
    3.     Training on Gender Sensitivity to all employees.

    10.Linkage with the 4P’s and IP’s program.