Secretary to the Mayor

Name                          : Andres L. De Guzman

Nickname                      : Andy

Address                          : #18 Mabini St, Barangay Don Domingo Maddela Bayombong , Nueva Vizcaya PHILIPPINES

ZIP Code : 3700


I. Secretary To Mayor Ralph C. Lantion LGU BAYOMBONG July 1 , 2016 – Present

1. Supported the Mayor in the implementation and completion of different Barangay Farm-To-Market Roads as Municipal Projects :


a. Bry CASAT , Salazar Rd – 1 km road concreting project completed and opened July 11,2018.

b. Bry , PASTORES Rd concreting completed July , 2018 .

c. 7 other Concreting road projects of LGU BAYOMBONG IN 2016 and 2017 .


2. Supported the Mayor in the fair and equal giving of Municipal Social Welfare and Development programs to Beneficiaries .

a. Cash Assistance To Individuals in Crisis Situation ( AICS)

b. Review and approval of senior citizens to receive Social Pensions . Planning to deliver social pensions direct to the home of PWD beneficiaries for their convenience.

c. Implement benefits of IP’s and 4P’s with DSWD Reg. 2 office . Planning to deliver social pensions direct to the home of PWD beneficiaries for their convenience.

d. Review and approval of indigent Bayombongueños to receive PHILHEALTH Card with Zero Payment Balance for hospitalization .


3. Supported the Mayor to implement the Spring Development Projects for our upland Barangays to provide potable water .

a. Bry. Bansing with GLMI – Japanese NGO (2017)

b. Bry Busilac at located Bry Hall ( 2017)

c. A total of 7 Potable Water projects completed.


4. Supported the Mayor to implement assistance to farmers in BAYOMBONG , thru farm implements program of Municipal Agriculture Office

a. Rice and Corn certified seeds , fertilizer , insecticides , and other assistance to model farm beneficiaries.

b. Tilapia fingerlings to model tilapia producers . c. Various vegetable seeds and implements to beneficiaries.


5. Supported the Mayor to implement Street Lights in various barangays = 3 Projects.

6. Supported the Mayor in construction of Canal Lining , and Protection Walls in barangays = 6 Projects

7. Supported the Mayor to implement construction and improvement of Daycare Centers and Evacuation Centers in various barangays = 11 projects

8. Supported the Mayor to manage and implement the Mayor’s Personal Fund in the review and approval of applicants to the Kuya Ralph C. Lantion High School Free-Miscellaneous Fee Assistance for School Year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 ( 1,600 beneficiaries ) , and 2018-2019 ( on-going ) in the following public schools : a. NVGCHS b. CASAT National High School c. PAIMA National High School d. BONFAL National High School

9. Supported the Mayor to manage and implement the Mayor’s Personal Fund to provide 50% discount to yearly MTOP (Tricyle) Franchise re-new Fee of members of Kuya Ralph C. Lantion TODA Movement members a. 2017 MTOP Re-newal b. 2018 MTOP Re-newal

10. Supported the Mayor to manage and implement Free Review Center for aspiring Phil. Science High School qualifying examinees in a. Oct . 2017 : 50 Students b. Oct. 2018 : 30 Students ( now review ongoing ) 11. Supported the Mayor in Preparing all the necessary documents and  implementation of Local Government Support Fund for the following projects :

a. Farm-To-Market-Road : Kakilingan 2 projects (P4M) thru Agbiag Partylist and Congw. Luisa Lloren “Banti” Cuaresma. b. Barangay Bulldozer : to be used for barangay road and canal repairs ( P2M) thru Agbiag Partylist.


12. Supported the Mayor in preparing all necessary documents for the request and completion of hand-over of ROSSENBAUER Fire Truck from DILG

13. Supported the Mayor in planning , preparation and implementation of medical mission from CHINESE General Hospital done in April 8, 2018 .

14. Supported the Mayor in the preparation of documents to solicit donations of Medicines and medical supplies from medical companies .

15. Supported the Mayor in the purchase of 100sqm of land to augment the donation of Bennett Family of 200sqm mtrs , the total area of 300sqm donated to LGU BAYOMBONG , to comply with DOH requirement to build a 2 story RHU Birthing Facility in Bry Don Mariano Perez.

16. Supported the Mayor in the creation of tripartite partnership between the Daniel C. Lantion Foundation , Bry La Torre North , and TESDA , to the establishment of TESDABAYOMBONG , situated in Bry La Torre North , in Oct.10,2016 , three months after Mayor Ralph C. Lantion took office . Currently managing TESDA-BAYOMBONG as Head of Operations , a volunteer without salary and wage . As of Oct 10,2017 , on it’s 1st anniversary , TESDABAYOMBONG was able to produce 365 graduates with NCII certificates in the different courses of trade skills offered.

17. Supported the Mayor in preparing operating guidelines , equipments identification , venue location and building towards the implementation of DTI-Funded “Shared Services Facilities” for Bayombong Ladies organizations at Bry Masoc ( on-going building rehabilitation and preparation ) to produce :

a. Taro Chips and other Taro-based products.

b. Vegetable Noodles c. Meat Processing to produce langgonisa , tocino, and sausages . d. Peanut Brittle and other peanut-base products e. Fruit Juice production