Office of the Vice Mayor


Date of Birth – March 18, 1963

An alumni of NVGCHS Batch ’79. Entered college as a working student at Saint Mary’s University and successfully completed an academic degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in the year 1984, same year that he passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Exam.

In the year 1986-2004, he worked for the Local Government Unit of Bayombong and was appointed as the Municipal Planning and Development Officer and at the same time as the Local Civil Registrar Officer. He is known to be the youngest appointed Head of Office at the age of 23. He was also elected as NUVELCO Director for Bayombong and Ambaguio District and subsequently as the Board President in the year 1999-2002.

To pursue new horizon in his career, he decided to leave the country and worked in Japan for five years. He returned to the Philippines and worked in a private firm as a Project Coordinator and Human Resources Management Officer.

He then decided to enter the world of politics to be able to serve the town of Bayombong. As an independent candidate, he ran and was elected as a Municipal Councilor in 2010. In 2013, he eventually ran for a higher office as an independent candidate and was then elected as the Vice Mayor of the municipality of Bayombong. He has been awarded a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the Four Modules of the Third Academy of Presiding Officer (APO-III). To continue his advocacy, he sought for re-election as an independent candidate and won the recently concluded May 9, 2016 election. He is currently a National Executive Board Member as Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Food of the Vice Mayors’ League of the Philippines.