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The Office of the Municipal Civil Registrar in coordination of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) as primary statistical arm,aims to provide timely,accurate and reliable information as bases for plans,policies and decisions and as an inputs to academic pursuits,researches and development projects and to establish and preserve the basis for the legal status of Filipinos through the efficient use of its human and non-human resources in the scientific conduct of censuses and surveys,processing and administrative reports and full implementation of an effective system of Civil registration.This office embarked on the computerization of the storage and retrieval processes of civil registry documents through the Philippine Civil Registration Information System (PhilCris).Developing an application systems from paper and microfilm formats to a digital format.

Civil Registration is one of the oldest government services.Since we value of documenting our births,marriages and deaths and other documents pertaining to the status of a person/s we are committed to secure and protect the civil registry documents of its individual.Because our vision is that to have our municipality a “Friendly City and Center of Quality Education with Vibrant Economy,Safe and Healthy Environment Empowered Through Selfless Service”. We have been working very hard the implementation of the compulsory and mandatory registration of all person born in this locality.Our main objective is to simplify,innovate,professionalize and modernize civil registration.We continue to formulate strategies and programs for good governance and high performance that will serve as our guideposts in the implementation of civil registry laws,rules and regulations.We have been going to the grassroots level to cater, bring closer and make accessible to the people all aspects of civil registry services.


For this year,We come up with some plans and programs to address some problems and issues in the Civil Registration that affects the status of person.Through coordinated efforts of the Local Government Unit down to the barangay levels, this office conducts the following highlight of activities in the implementation on Civil Registration


1.Information Dissemination/Educational Campaign-explaining the importance and value why status of person be registered and how it affects to their life such as:


b.)seeking of job opportunities

c.)claiming benefits


e.)legal and protective advantages(determination of parentage tracing ancestry,establishing identity,inheritance rights and legal dependency)

f.)Exercise of the right to vote and others.

On this program,we catered Barangay Cabuaan and Casat,Barangay Ipil Cuneg and Masoc and other selected sitios in the far flung barangay to disseminate the significance of Civil Registration.We come up also to establish Barangay Civil Registration System (BCRS)  by coordinating the Barangay Secretaries,Barangay Nutrition Scholars and the School Officials on that barangay to support the 100% timely registration of all vital events that affect the status of their contituents  and students/pupils.It envisioned facilitating the services by bringing the system closer to the people and community,more available and accessible to the grassroots level.


2.Free Mass Wedding-In the celebration of Civil Registration Month, We conducted a “Kasalan ng Bayan” a free mass wedding ceremony solemnized by our Local Chief Executive  Hon.Mayor  Atty. Ralph C. Lantion.This activity will help less fortune couples who are living as husband and wife without any legal impediment to marry each other.We catered less fortunate couples of about 30 couples who availed this program.This activity was awarded as our “ Best Practices” recognize in the National Level and the Philippine Association of Civil Registrars nationwide.

  1. Mobile Free Registration-To address problems on the illigimate children registered and recorded in our office,we conducted a free registration and legitimizing children by virtue of subsequent marriage of parents.This was done every 27th day of February in celebrating the Civil Registration Month.


4.Seminar/Workshop-An echo-orientation seminar to all religion priests/ministers and solemnizing officers on the issues regarding marriage.Updating on the program and issues for more efficient civil registration system.

In this days some significant amendments followed to address some problems and issues on Civil registration, how to correct clerical errors of entry/ies in the Certificate of Live Birth,Certificate of Marriage, Certificate of Death and other vital documents that affects the status of a person.


1.Republic Act 9048 provided the Quasi Judicial function of the Municipal Civil Registrars on the Correction of Clerical Errors,Change of First Name amending for the purpose of Article 412 of the Republic Act 386;


2,Republic Act 9255 giving illegitimate children to use the surname of their fathers;and

3.Republic Act 9858,providing unde  age parents to acknowledge their offstring.

  1. Republic Act 10172 provided again the Quasi Judicial function of the Municipal Civil Registrars on the Correction of Clerical errors in Gender/Sex and the Date of Birth of the child particularly the day and Month.

GOALS:      To serve the constituents of Bayombong with the highest degree of integrity,competence,hardwork and responsiveness.


MISSION: To simplify, innovate, professionalize and to intensify information dissemination through modernize civil registration system in the Local Government of Bayombong.


To advocate of a modern knowledge-based civil registration,passionately driven to serve and to build a better municipality. 


One of the objectives of this Office is to strengthen the role of the Municipal Civil Registry Office  and Partners towards national development goals;to support the conservation of the customs,traditions and identity of all indigenous people thru registration of vital events,harmonizing customary laws with applicable civil registration laws and procedures;to instill to the mind of our constituents the prime importance of ON TIME registration;to uphold always quality of service of the office thru computerization of Civil registry Records and to  achieve an improved system in the continuing education for the people consciousness regarding the importance of Civil Registration.To pursued an advocacy for more professional techniques and strategies for a better system of registration.Trainings,seminars and workshops have always been good avenues to foster such competence and professionalism of the agencies concern,our stakeholders such as Barangay Secretaries,Midwives and Tradsitional Midwives (Hilot) and Volunteers,who by law have involvement in the system of Civil Registration.  Through coordinated efforts of the Local Government Units down to grassroots levels, this Office conducts the following highlights of activities in the implementation on civil registration.


Computerization of Civil Registry Records– The Sangguniang Bayan of Bayombong passed a resolution that collection of Republic Act 10172/9048 will be treated as Trust Fund for the computerization of Civil registry Records.Through the introduction of the Philippine Civil Registration System (PhilCris), the Local Civil Registry is preparing its computerized availment of records for birth,death,marriage and other records of the status of person.We are in the process of computerization of records by reconstructing  at the Philippine Statistics Authority/NSO.




ENGR. MANOLITO B. LUMIDAO-Municipal Civil Registrar

In-Charge of RA 9048/RA 10172 implementation

ELSIE G. FRONDA-Administrative Assistant III

(In-Charge of Marriage /Court Orders)

DONNA MAE VIERNES-Administrative Asst. II

(In-Charge  of Birth/Legal Instruments)

ELIZABETH G. VICENTE-Adminstrative  Aide II

(In-Charge of Death/Communications)

MARLYN T. BANIG-Administrative Aide II

(In-Charge of Legal Documents/Office Supplies)

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