Health Office

  1. Introduction

The Municipal Health Officer is mandated by law to deliver basic health services to the people in certain locality for the promotion of health, prevention of disease and treatment of minor illnesses.

Its existence as an important sector of public health, several impact and support programs are being implemented by the Municipal Health Officer (MHO) in accordance with the policies and guidelines issued by the Department of Health (DOH) even in the era of post-devolution.

  1. Staff Composition

The Municipal Health Officer of the LGU of Bayombong has a staff composed of the following with their respective duties and responsibilities:

  1. One Municipal Health Officer who has to be a Doctor of Medicine. He is tasked to be head and Medical Officer of the office; serves as adviser to the Local Chief Executive and Sanguniang Bayan member on health matters; acts as vice chairman of the Municipal Health Board; and more importantly, be supervises the implementation of the Health Programs by the MHO staff.
  2. One Public Health Nurse who has to be a Registered Nurse who task is to carry out supervision of the all activities of the Rural Health Midwives in the delivery of health programs, consolidates keeps the MHO informed of the activities of the personnel under her supervision.
  3. Eight Rural Health Midwives who are graduates of two-year midwifery course who are tasked to implement herein stated health programs. They are dubbed as “Frontline workers” for without them, this office will not have the reason to exist.
  4. One Sanitary Inspector who takes charge of the MHO. He likewise keeps the MHO informed of his activities and see to it that ordinances in health and sanitation are properly carried out.
  5. One Bookbinder, who book binds, compiles official records, reports, correspondence, memoranda and other in logical, numerical and dated orders; maintains an orderly and efficient records keeping system; and does other related works as maybe assigned to by the superior.
  6. Two Utility Worker who perform janitorial services within the office; maintain up to date collection of garbage within the town; and do other related workers as maybe assigned to them by their superior.
  7. One Nursing Attendant who documents actions by completing forms, reports logs, record and maintains work operations by following policies and procedures.