Engineering Office


The Municipal Engineering Office to be an effective and efficient government agency.


To provide quality infrastructure projects and services responsive to the needs of the constituents of the Municipality of Bayombong.


      The Municipal Engineering Office is primarily responsible in the administration and implementation of infrastructure development and public works project of the Local Government Unit.

The Municipal Engineer is also mandated to act as the Local Building Official. As such, he shall be responsible in the enforcement of the provisions of the National Building Code (PD 1096) and its IRR, such as, but not limited to the administrative control and/ or supervision of all activities relating to the processing & issuance of Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy covering the construction, addition, repair, renovation and/or demolition of buildings/structures within the locality.


The Municipal Engineering Office as the implementing arm of the Local Government Unit in terms of infrastructure projects and other related functions in the delivery of basic  services as mandated  in the Local Government Code, are as follows :

  1. To assist in the formulation of office policies relative to the preparation of plans, program of work, techniques, procedures and relevant practices in coming up with the projects for the socio-economic up-liftment of the people, and the progress and development of the municipality;
  2. To assist in providing engineering services and support to all barangays in the municipality in the implementation of public work projects to include surveys, designs and feasibility studies in order to fast track their implementation for the general welfare of the barangays;
  3.  To provide administrative support in the preparation and/or implementation of projects of the municipality by ensuring that all the requirements have been considered and complied with in accordance with the accounting and auditing rules relative to the disbursement of public funds. For this purpose, it is the thrust of this office to streamline and initiative/enhance the efficiency of its personnel in supervising and implementing infrastructure projects of the municipality within reasonable period of time, taking into consideration that time is of the essence and that the municipality would benefit more from the early completion of these projects. This office also  envisions that all infrastructure projects will be completed within a 60 day period from its conception to completion, with an exception that a longer period of time may be required due to the magnitude of the project;

4 To conduct staff meetings/conferences with Line Supervisors relative to the implementation of infrastructure projects for the speedy facilitation and completion of the same for this purpose, and to prepare recommendations and/or comments as regards the same for referral to the Municipal Mayor for his information, consideration and or appropriate action;

5. To assist in the dissemination of Laws and Ordinances which are relevant to the function of this office towards public service ;

6. To prepare monthly and yearly reports for infrastructure and other funded projects as enumerated hereto with their corresponding documentations, fund sources and appropriation.