The Economic Enterprise Office was created as a separate office department of the Local Government Unit of Bayombong by virtue of a resolution No. 80, series of 2004 dated October 11, 2004. It aimed at increasing revenues and receipts so that the LGU will not be fully dependent on the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) and Real Property Taxes.

The Economic Enterprise Office is responsible in developing plans and strategies particularly those, which have emphasis on economic development undertakings of the Local Government Unit, which are geared towards increasing income to sustain the delivery of basic services and to finance its operations and programs.

When Local Government Unit has higher income, the greater the chances for the LGU to to provide more infrastructure facilities, more efficient and better goods and services, most of all more organized interventions to promote “measures aimed at establishing a stronger and more diverse local economy capable of generating self-sustaining growth and offering a range of permanent job opportunities across the locality to local people.

Our MISSION:           A vital partner in sustaining the delivery of excellent basic services to the community by generating the much needed revenues and receipts.

Our VISION:              The Economic Enterprise Office as a social enterprise aims to be a “PROFIT CENTER” offering competitive and excellent services to its clients, customers and the community.


  1. Improvement of revenues from January 2014-2018.
  2. Financially self-reliant.
  3. Improvement and establishment of control gates and fencing (market, slaughterhouse and cemetery).
  4. Improvement and establishment of sanitation facilities such as drainage, water supply,pay rest rooms, stock area for solid waste and waste water facilities (market, slaughterhouse and cemetery).
  5. Continuing education and capacitation of staff/employees and market vendors.
  6. Internal monitoring and evaluation in place.
  7. Rewards and incentive programs in place.

Income Generating Division of Economic Enterprise

  1. Market Operation
  2. Cemetery Operation
  3. Slaughterhouse Operation


Take charge of the overall management of the public market/flea market pursuant to the provisions of the market code and other laws, policies prescribed by the Municipal Market Committee and other duly constituted coordinating bodies. It shall manage the market as viable income generating facility of the LGU cognizant of the interest of the producers, business sectors, consumers and the public in general.

Programs, Projects and Activities undertaken

  1. Proper Sectioning of the public market and flea market
  2. Conduct regular meeting with store holder/ market vendor to establish good relations
  3. Price monitoring, price tagging and operation timbangan
  • Conduct survey of prevailing prices of basic and prime commodities that they do not exceed suggested retail price (SRP) of the DTI, a price bulletin has installed at the public market.
  • Conduct regularized price tagging to avoid price haggling.
  1. Inspect weights and measure to ensure that they conform with legal standards. A Timbanganng Bayan was installed at the meat and fish section so that consumers can check if the weights of the product bought is correct or not.
  2. A consumer welfare desk was established in order to attend to the problem of customers to the vendors regarding substandard products, on weights etc.
  3. A flushing/general cleaning at the meat section is done twice a week in coordination with Bureau of Fire Protection and Solid Waste Management Office.
  4. Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) Scheme – There are two (2) Build Operate and Transfer Scheme Stalls this 2016 , (BOT-1) applied by Edwin Prepose and AureaRubia which started last May 2016 with a monthly rental of Three Thousand Pesos; (BOT 2) applied by RONALD ABELLANA with a monthly rental of Two Thousand Pesos.
  5. Roll-Up Gate – For security purposes, a roll-up gate has been installed at the meat section.
Table above shows the monthly income from the Public Market, Market Stalls, Flea Market and Trading Center/Make shift Stalls, for CY 2016 Market Operation has a total collection of 10,067,825.00