Economic and Demographic Profile

Geographic Size and Location

Bayombong is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Solano, on the East by the Municipality of Quezon on the South by the Municipality of Bambang, on the Southwest by the Municipality of Kayapa, and on the West by the Municipality of Ambaguio, all in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya. The Municipal Government Center is approximately at 16°28’58.54”N, 121°9’5.22”E, Lat/Long WGS-84 coordinates.

Bayombong is located approximately 266 kilometers, more or less, North of Manila. It has a total land area of 16,161.59 hectares, as per Political Boundary Survey Pb-02-000132 conducted from March 1, 2012 to August 2012 by the joint Department of Environment and Natural Resources Land Management Sector (DENR-LMS) Survey

Team and the LGU-Bayombong Technical Working Group, in coordination with the administration of the different adjacent municipalities. The political boundary survey of the Municipality of Bayombong was completed with utmost technical and political considerations through series of surveys and dialogues with every adjacent municipalities, resulting to the resolutions of all grey areas and boundary disputes, making LGU-Bayombong distinct as the only Municipality in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya with no political boundary dispute.


Population Size And Distribution, Population Growth Rate And Population Density

The municipality has a total population count of 61,512 based on POPCEN 2015 results that was proclaimed by the President under Proclamation Order No. 1269 dated 13 of May 2016. The average annual population growth of the municipality for the period covering 2000-2010, is 1.39%, for the period covering 2010-2015 is 1.36%, for the period covering 2000-2015 is 1.38%.